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N.C. Water Warn

Make sure your entity is part of the N.C. Water Warn network. N.C. Water WARN is similar and complementary to the North Carolina Mutual Aid network as an organized arrangement to facilitate cooperation between local authorities during an emergency. N.C. Water WARN works within the National Incident Management System structure. Interstate aid is facilitated by the nationally adopted Emergency Management Assistance Compact in coordination with the National Response Framework.

 N.C. Water WARN is a network of water utilities helping each other respond to and recover from emergencies. This organization of water systems works independently of state government to assist members during an emergency. The mission of WARN is to provide expedited access to specialized resources needed to respond to and recover from natural and human caused events that disrupt public and private drinking water and wastewater utilities.

Any public or private drinking water or wastewater utility can participate in N.C. Water WARN, regardless of size. The organization can be activated between utilities in crisis with or without a disaster declaration but integrates with the state's Emergency Operations Center during a declared disaster.