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Emergency management information
for North Carolina's local governments.


The League has arranged for you to have assistance from the following trusted partners: 

In the event of an emergency, the NC staff of GovDeals, have offered to come assist you in posting items for sale on GovDeals. 

“We could help gather the items that were destroyed and put these items such as piles of scrap metal, iron, copper galvanized steel in lots and sell these online for the unit.  Also, damaged vehicles and equipment could be sold as is on the site.  Often, we have bidders that are looking for specific parts for equipment, vehicles and various items that come from wrecked or damaged goods.”

The US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance has the following disaster preparedness and recovery contracts at your disposal:

Hertz- rental equipment

Hagemeyer-Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Equipment

The Home Depot-MRO supplies for emergencies and recovery

HD Supply-MRO supplies for emergencies and recovery


Graybar-electrical and data communications

VC3 worked with the Municipal Association of South Carolina and the North Carolina League of Municipalities to develop a Disaster Recovery solution that ensures the systems critical to your daily operations are accessible so that you can continue to provide services to your customers when a disaster strikes.

Unified Recovery Group is a full service disaster recovery specialist. UNIFIED provides its clients with a comprehensive plan for recovery that includes debris hauling, reduction, hazardous waste mitigation, asbestos abatement, demolition, and specialized support in the FEMA eligibility and reimbursement process. Whether preparing for a possible disaster or faced with its aftermath it is critical to obtain a disaster recovery company with extensive knowledge and resources to address the task at hand. UNIFIED’s founders and personnel bring forth years of experience in providing full disaster recovery services. Our vast fleet of company owned and employee operated equipment is unrivaled in the disaster recovery industry. We have the knowledge, resources, equipment and manpower to get any size job done right and in a timely manner.