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Emergency management information
for North Carolina's local governments.


Welcome to, a service of the North Carolina League of Municipalities. This website is devoted to helping local governments in North Carolina prepare for and recover from disasters of any kind. It is our hope that will be your “one-stop shop” for information both before and after an emergency occurs. 


Mutual aid is a critical resource multiplier for those responding to emergencies and disasters in North Carolina. It is not physically or financially possible for each jurisdiction to own, maintain and staff all of the resources that might be needed to respond to significant events. As a result of North Carolina’s experience with a variety of disasters, the State of North Carolina has developed a statewide mutual aid program for cities and counties.


This mutual aid network is focused specifically on water and wastewater utilities. Like the NC Mutual Aid Network, N.C. Water WARN allows a utility to request rapid, short-term emergency assistance to restore critical operations.


Making sure your jurisdiction is ready for a disaster is critical to minimizing the damage caused by a disaster and maximizing your response. 


Preparing for an event is half the story. Getting back to normal after the crisis has passed is the other part of the story. 


North Carolina general statutes require that each county designate an emergency management contact to oversee all emergency response and preparation efforts in that county. Municipalities are encouraged to collaborate with other jurisdictions in their county to best prepare for an emergency event.